LVCM is very grateful to the individuals, groups and businesses who generously support the campmeeting.

Thank you to all the individuals, businesses and groups who faithfully continue to support the Lykens Valley Campmeeting Association and our programs as we reach out to others with the word and love of God.  We thank God for all of you and wish to recognize the following:                                 

In Memory of     Presented by
Dori Arms   Bob & Lisa Klinger
Dori Arms   Shari & Kerry Graff
Dori Arms   Cathy Kosier
Dori Arms   Frances Tunison Drury
Howard Bahner   Stephanie R. Harris
John & Katharine Boyer   The Zeigler Family
John & Bertha Dressler   The Zeigler Family
John Hostetter   Janet Hostetter & Family
Mr. Wilson Katerman & Wife, Verna
(cottage #20)
Alma L. Deardorff
Russell Kessler (husband)  
Joan Kessler
Mary V. Leitzel  
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Reigle
Mr. & Mrs. George Romberger  
The Zeigler Family
Grace Shirk  
Shari & Kerry Graff
Harmon V. Tunison  
Frances Tunison Drury
Rev. A. K. Wier & wife, Alma (cottage #24)  
Alma L. Deardorff
Edwin H. Zeigler  
The Zeigler Family
Harold & Gloria Zeigler  
The Zeigler Family
Mabel & Jay Klopp(Parents), and Siblings  
Elsie Klopp
In Honor of       Presented by  
All of campmeeting family and volunteers  
Kevin & JoAnn Skovira


  Dorothy L. Williams  
  Chambers Hill UMC Friendship Class  
  Kratzer Hardware  
  Keystone Insurance - DST  
  Billow Insurance Agency