Family-Friendly Campmeeting 

LVCM welcomes you to our Family-Friendly camp meeting where there are programs for all ages.   Additionally, LVCM is a pleasant, serene place where you can join others in studying God's word.   LVCM is located in the peaceful foothills of Elizabethville, PA.  Because of our lovely surroundings, people are drawn to our campus.  When you visit, you will join the generations  who come to participate in this community of faith.      Since we strive to be a Family-Friendly camp meeting, we provide  programs for all ages. If you're looking for such a place, we hope you'll visit LVCM. 


While we maintain links to LVCM's past, we try to build bridges to the future.  Our children and youth are important to that future! Our campers are thought of as Family.  Consequentially, it is  common to see people gathered on porches where they visit and catch up on events.  In  2024 , LVCM  will celebrate 130 years of Christian ministry.  Individuals and families from several states and as far as Guatemala will gather.   A 10-day encampment (July 11-21, 2024) is available to all.   Most importantly, you will find that many campers return each summer to be part of this unique Christian family.  


PLEASE NOTE:  All programs are open to the public, therefore, no tickets are required.  FREE WILL OFFERINGS, however, may be taken. 

Be sure to visit our Facebook page for updates about our 2024 events.

Our Story

The  East German Conference of the United Brethren in Christ approved the birth of LVCM in 1894.    "The glory of God and the salvation of all men." was its foremost purpose.   As affiliation between denominations developed,  our relationships changed. First to United Brethren, then to Evangelical United Brethren and  thirdly to United Methodist Churches.   LVCM is now a Christ-centered, inter-denominational association.  As in the past,  we welcome all ages to our Family-Friendly camp meeting. We focus on providing  programs for all ages.