All services & Programs are open to the public, therefore, tickets are not needed.  A FREE WILL OFFERING,  however,  is generally accepted.


 Events are  casual at Lykens Valley Campmeeting (LVCM). Many people wear jeans or comfortable clothing.  We encourage you to arrive 10 or more minutes before the service starts so that you can view the ppt announcements on the two 50" screens in the front of the tabernacle.  You will want to sit close enough to the front to easily read words on the screens.  For the comfort of attendees, several electric fans hang from the rafters in the middle section.  Since evenings can be chilly,  we suggest that people who mind the night air, sit in a side section (and bring a sweater).  With this in mind, some people like to bring lawn chairs in order to sit outside the building.


Once again, we remind you that all services/programs are open to the public and that no admission is charged.



The Program Committee is currently planning the 10 day encampment for

July 14-24, 2022.   

Adult Bible Study 

Speakers / Evangelists

Concerts featuring Christian Artists.  

Inspiring Programs & Dramas.  

Children's and Youth Ministries 

Be sure to visit our Facebook page for on-going information.

Plan ahead to attend.  We welcome guests to all services & programs.  Lodging, Food and snacks are also available during the encampment.   Please use the Contact page to reserve room(s) &/or meals in advance so that we can adequately prepare for your visit.

Our Story Continued

Initially, campers at LVCM traveled on foot, horseback, wagon or train to attend the campmeeting.  During the earliest years, tents were available  for individuals and families who wished to spend the night in the "grove". 


Today, the tabernacle is the center of the campus.  Fifty-four privately owned cottages and supporting structures surround the tabernacle.   Our Boarding House, containing a limited number of air conditioned rooms is available for people who wish to stay over one or more nights.  Furthermore, the Boarding House  has a dining hall (accessed off the west end porch) & Ice Cream Stand (outside the East end of the building) .   The Gift Cottage is a favorite for shoppers of all ages.  Pavilions are provided for children, youth and other functions. The Playground is a mecca for children of all ages.   Lastly, Public Restrooms are available in the back of the tabernacle stage (reached by steps along the right side of the building).  A set of rest rooms is also available along the path to the spring.


Interested in joining the Camp Family through Cottage Ownership?  Check out the detailed  information, instructions and appropriate files / forms in the Cottage Ownership menu.  Click the link below to view these files.

Our Staff

Click on photo to view bio.

Cindy Kelly, BoM President
Pastor Joe Kelly, Spiritual Director
Renee Troutman, Pianist, BOM Secretary
Crystal Romberger, Children's Director
Hunter Dygert, Sr. Youth Leader