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OCTOBER 15, 2021

News is published on 15th of the month.  Since it includes the latest information for the Camp family and visitors, we hope you will find it interesting.  If you're visiting our site for the first time, you may enjoy looking around our Campus. It contains pictures of the grounds and buildings. 


Autumn at LVCM
Committees or Teams?
2021-22  Committee Lists
Grounds Committee Updates 
An additional Collegian


The appearance of Autumn is late at LVCM.  The leaves are just showing the first hints of fall color.  The deer who visit the grounds on a daily basis are enjoying the grass and the fungi growing around the trees and stumps.  Cottage owners who have not already prepared their cottages for winter, are enjoying the end of another season.  Most have begun to think about closing for the season even while putting it off as long as possible.

The Grounds committee is still planning and working hard on improvements, maintenance etc.  Look for their update in this issue. 

Though you may not physically be able to be at the camp, you can keep  the members of the camp family  in your prayers.  Don't forget to pray for God's guidance to the planning teams.  Send notes, cards or emails to our college students, camp family members celebrating birthdays, anniversaries etc.   You can work with the various “teams” as they investigate and plan the programs for 2022.


This month, the Board of Managers of LVCM is sharing the list of persons who volunteered to work with the camp’s committees in 2021-22 along with the persons who have agreed to serve as chairpersons for each.  It is not too late to sign up for a committee.  Contact the Chairperson of the committee you're willing to help with to volunteer your assistance.


According to Robert C. Crosby,  the word “Committee” should be eliminated from our vocabulary.

“Have you ever seen the popular sign that says, ‘For God so loved the world that He did not send a committee’? That is cute and funny, but it is also true. Jesus did not come to set up a bureaucracy but to call a team of twelve people around him, to train them and to send them out as a team to turn the world right side up!”  

 He continues: “Many people have come to view committees in churches, and often in businesses and government, as the sure-fire way to kill any good idea.”

Crosby continues with a list of reasons why TEAMS are better than committees.  Here’s one:

Committees talk about doing things,
Teams actually get things done


Crosby insists that teaming is a mindset.  “People who become great team members and leaders possess a teaming mindset. The teaming mindset follows the pattern of Philippians 2, which says “put the interests of others before your own interests (Phil 2: 4).” Taking on a teaming mindset, then, involves obeying the call of Christ to “deny themselves.” (Luke 9:23) It requires living life, serving God, working in the church with an attitude that says, ‘It’s not about me’!”  

“Church teams or teams of Christ-followers are groups of people who pull together to reach a common goal for the sake of Christ. They are the people pulling not only for their church or organization, but pulling for each other, and pulling for their shared potential in life and ministry.”

Church Teamwork and Bible Facts That Will Grow It! - Like A Team  lists 25 scriptures that can help Christian groups to develop team work.  Among them are Psalm 133:1  & Ecclesiastes 4:9-12  Click the link for the entire list of 25 suggested scriptures.

As a TEAM, WE work together to achieve the goals God leads us to achieve . 

So I encourage you:  As members of the camp family, strive to follow the teamwork examples set out in the scriptures, developing your teamworking attitudes and skills so that the work completed by each “committee”  be in accordance with the plans God has for LVCM.

Here are some other links that you might find interesting. 

Effective Church Committees or Ministry Teams (

8 Values of TEAMWORK That Keep a Church Healthy (


2021 – 2022 Committees (Teams)

Boarding House 

Chair: Donna Mahon

David Buterbaugh

Ladies Auxiliary



Chair: Denise Sites

Jenn Newell

Bill Mahon

BJ Steve

David Buterbaugh



Chair: Bill Mahon

David Buterbuagh

Denise Sites

Kerry Graff

Jenn Newell

Brian Newell

George Deppen

Judy Turns

Rhea Stroup

Woody Stroup

BJ Steve

Michaela Madden

Mario Madden

Brandon Eaton



Chair: TBD

Michelle Vallar



Chair: TBD



Chair Ashley Steve

Pastor Joe Kelly

Renee Troutman

Desiree Lenker

Jenn Newell

Laura Shuey

David Buterbaugh



Chair: Jenn Newell

Lydia Kelly

Jenn Newell

Zach Belk

Nicole Belk



Chair: Stephanie Harris

Carol Stough

Donna Mahon

Ashley Steve


Yard Sale/Fund Raising 

Chair: David Buterbaugh

Cathy Kosier

JoAnn Skovira

Carol Stough

Refa Brown

Desiree Lenker

Jenn Newell

Laura Shuey

Bruce Shuey

Kayla Harris


Children’s Ministry 

Chair: Jeanne Shaffer

Michaela Madden

Kayla Harris


Message from the Grounds Committee

The water will be shut off on November 6th and the dumpsters will be removed around that time as well. 

Saturday December 4th CLEAN UP DAY! All hands are needed and welcome!!  If the weather is predicting a major snowfall prior to December 4th, we will adjust the date. If you are able to come up and do some clean up prior it is always appreciated!  A wheelbarrow and two rakes have been placed by the side entrance of the tabernacle. As a reminder all leaves must be placed on the outside road closest to the cottage.  If you are taking sticks across the road and placing them into the woods please make sure they are deep into the woods and not on the exteriors where they can be seen as we need that space for the leaves. 



 Pray for our students (who may be far from family and friends) and send them a card or note.  Cottage  Owners, please check your in-box for addresses. 

Madison Blasser 

University of Valley Forge


Nathan Steinbach

Messiah University


Reagan Little Reagan Little

Lebanon Valley College 

Cheryl Steinbach

Adelphi University


Charlie Shepley 

Kansas State University