Retreat-like mountain-side


Engaging Participants

Growing closer to God and each other!

July 14-24, 2022

You won't want to miss it!

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Sessions take place in our retreat-like setting on the Mountainside.  Consequently, Leaders and attendees grow closer to God and one another.

LVCM Math:

Retreat-like setting

+ engaging participants

= Drawing closer to god.


LVCM 2021 Participants

at our retreat-like setting on the mountain-side at elizabethville, pa.:

Chris Ivey 

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Well-known juggler entertained family members of all ages.   (July 16)

Mark Lee 

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Mark is a founding member and guitarist for the award-winning Christian rock band Third Day.  (July 17)

Joe Jackson 

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Former NFL player for the Minnesota Vikings.   today he travels worldwide as an evangelist.    (July 18 --  July 20)

Christian House

Formerly from Montana, Christian began serving at David’s in 2013  and was ordained  in the Spring of 2014.   (July 19-23)


Marcus Dygert 


(founder of Monarch Ministries International.)  is focused on expanding the Kingdom of God through full gospel crusades, equipping and training the local church, and witnessing to the lost.   

(July 22 , July 24  served as Youth  leader.)


Steven Courtney 

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A performing songwriter, Steven has performed over 6,100 concerts to date.  He has recorded 30+ full-length albums, and won numerous awards.  (July 23) 


Kelly Willie

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Kelly feels most like herself when she is sharing stories, laughing, singing, “sparkling” and sharing the love of Jesus with people.  (July 17., July 18 )

Miss Laurie  & Sunny"  

Laurie (Little) & Sunny are from Little Hands Preschool in Gratz  (July 17). 

AWESOME CHILDREN'S BIBLE PROGRAM & YOUTH MINISTRY was an important part of the encampment. 

Visit our connect page to learn more about these and other ministries available.